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Arlon is a lifecycle management and configuration tool for Kubernetes clusters. It allows an administrator to compose, deploy and configure a large number of workload clusters in a structured, predictable way. Arlon takes advantage of multiple declarative cluster management API providers for the actual cluster orchestration: the first two supported API providers are Cluster API and Crossplane. Arlon uses ArgoCD as the underlying Kubernetes manifest deployment and enforcement engine. A workload cluster is composed of the following constructs:

  • Cluster spec: a description of the infrastructure and external settings of a cluster, e.g. Kubernetes version, cloud provider, cluster type, node instance type.
  • Profile: a grouping of configuration bundles which will be installed into the cluster
  • Configuration bundle: a unit of configuration which contains (or references) one or more Kubernetes manifests. A bundle can encapsulate anything that can be deployed onto a cluster: an RBAC ruleset, an add-on, an application, etc...

Arlon Benefits

  • Unifies infrastructure and application management
  • Improves time to market by enabling better velocity for developers through infrastructure management that is more fluid and agile
  • Reduces the risk of unexpected infrastructure & application downtime and outages - with consistent management of infrastructure and applications
  • Allows IT and Platform Ops admins to operate large scale of clusters & applications with significantly reduced team size & operational overhead